World War II was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, which involved most of the world's nations, including all of the great powers:eventually forming two opposing military alliances, the Allies and the Axis.

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Any troop should be led by an officer, and the officer affects the status of the troop greatly.

The officer gains experience points in the battle to level up. What’s more, there’s a chance for the officer to obtain items in the battlefield.

1. Attributes

Attributes Effect Remarks
Level Each level enables the player to distribute points on four attributes, Command, Attack, Defense and Speed. Single attribute shall not exceed the total of other three attributes.
Exp Exp is for the levelup of the officer.
Hp A hero dies and can be revived when Hp turns 0. The revival takes time and resources. 20 x the power of 1.1of the current level
Capsule Capsule is where to place equipment.
Command The officer leads 10 units with one point of command and each more point of command for 10 more units.
Attack Attack power of the troop increases 0.5% per point.
Defense Defense power of the troop increases 0.5% per point.
Speed Speed of the troop increases 1% per point.

2. The number of officers

The whole number of officers one player can control is realized by technology(not the number of officers in single base).

3. Upgrade

Exp in battle = the amount of the resources for the killed enemy units / 100

Exp in expedition = the amount of the resources for the killed enemy units / 200

N distributive points for each level(N refers to the growth value of the officer)

4. Renowned Officer

The initial attributes of renowned officer are higher than that of normal officer, and the growth value of renowned officer is higher.

5. Normal Officer

The growth value of normal officer is 3.

The total points of attributes of normal officer are 40.

6. Initial Level

The initial level of the officer is relative to the level of military academy.

The higher level of military academy, the higher initial level of officer.

In each round, there are five officeres in the military academy, and the round refreshes after 24 hours.

There’s a chance for renowned officer to appear in the military academy. The higher level of military academy, the higher chance.

The lowest initial level of the officer = (the level of military academy+1)/2 (rounded)

The highest initial level of the officer = the level of military academy

7. Price

Normal officer: 1000 x the power of 1.1 of the level

Renowned officer +4 : 100 Gil / Gold

Renowned officer +5 : 400 Gil / Gold

Renowned officer +6 : 900 Gil / Gold

(Extra 100 Gil / Gold if the code is received from other players.)

8.  Team up

Each officer represents one part of the team. There’re five positions: Commander-in-chief, Chief of Staff, Service Chief, Intelligence Chief and Assault Commander. The attribute of teamed up officer = the highest attributes of the officers x enhancement.(The enhancement of teamed up normal officer is 100% when level 10 and 3% more for each extra 5 levels. The enhancement of teamed up renowned officer is 110% when level 10 and 5% more for each extra 5 levels.) It costs one piece of Glass Badge for each team up. The team up lasts 12 hours or one battle, whichever is first.

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