World War II was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, which involved most of the world's nations, including all of the great powers:eventually forming two opposing military alliances, the Allies and the Axis.

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Q & A of WWII Rage Part 1: Game Problems

The question of rank updating time
According to the time in game, the rank updates per 4 hours.

How to increase my reputation quickly?
Updating building, technology and training will all increase the reputation.

What will make reputation decrease?
Demolishing buildings will not decrease reputation. But if there are units dead, your reputation will decrease.

If a high-level player attack a low-level player, would he or she gain experience?
The greater of the reputation difference, the less of the experience get.

If I cancel to upgrade a building, would I get resources paid back?
Yes, you would get 80% of the resources consumption.

How many blocks can I have in the base?
The maximum number of blocks inside is 25.Outside is the same. After your headquarter reaches Level 5, once you upgrading it, you will get one more block inside and outside. And when your city hall reaches Level max, you can use the item of Land Expander to increase blocks.

Will the basement protect resources in the sub-cities?
No, the basement only protects resources in the main city.

How many Miracles could I build?
Only one per base.

Once I use the Neutrality Pact, could I go to occupy spot?
The Neutrality Pact will not influence the spot occupied.

Could two troops in one spot?

Will the units come back from the spot when city is being attacked?
No. Only when there is no supply would the units come back.

How to complete the task of spot occupying?
Let the units of the main base occupy the spot.

Would the level of spot change?
It will decrease 1 level per 24 hours. If the level gets down to zero, you must give up the spot. And it will turn back to the original level.

Can Scout go together with the units?

Can I use Scout when transporting?

Why does the number of my units become less?
Please check that if you go to occupy a spot or you have been attacked.

Could I use more than one Neutrality Pact?
Yes, the effect time of it will accumulate.

Will the system give remind to me when the effect of Neutrality Pact is over?
No. You can only click the Bag to check the current effect.

How can I get midnight pack and noon pack?
After your reputation reach 1000, you can get them at 1200 to 1400, and 0000 to 0200.

What does the fender wall do? How to increase the attack of each facilities?
It depends on their attack type. The power will be strengthen through technology upgrade.

Can two tech centers do the research at the same time?

What is the max level of Virgin Field?

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