World War II was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, which involved most of the world's nations, including all of the great powers:eventually forming two opposing military alliances, the Allies and the Axis.

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NPC and Resources Questions

Can we deal joint attacks to Npc Cities?
Yes. Actually it is recommended to launch joint attacks against huge Npc cities and the experience will be higher than expedition.

Why does NPC attack me?
NPC will randomly attack the player whose reputation is above 5000 nearby. No worries, the attack deals mere damage.

Why I can not loot any resource from the NPC?
Perhaps the resources are looted by other players earlier.

When the NPC city falls, does particle segment drop?
It is according to the loss of NPC you deal. The higher loss it receives, the higher possibility of dropping segments.

How can we succeed in the combat with NPC cities?
It is recommended to launch powerful joint attacks.

When will the units begin to consume supply?
After they are built. And if they are occupying a spot, the supply consumption is double.

Does a dispatch consume supply?
It doesn’t cost supply when units are on the way,the supply has already been deducted when units are setting out.

What is the relationship between tax and coin?
Coin = idle population * tax * 4

How to purchase resources quickly?
You can purchase from the NPC or in the trade center.

If I’m being looted, which resources will be protect firstly?
The resources in the basement.

If I use two of the Prospecting Masters,will the production increase by 50%?
No. Using two boosters will only increase the effect time.

How can I get Military Orders besides buying in the store?
You can order your units to dig in the spot to get Military Order.

Could the support units carry supply?

How many resources do I need to build a miracle?
3.2 million of each resource.

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