World War II was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, which involved most of the world's nations, including all of the great powers:eventually forming two opposing military alliances, the Allies and the Axis.

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Explanations to Newbie Players

Reputation: Reputation is one of the key factors in WWII Rage.  Every building built or upgraded and military units increase your Reputation, as research technologies.  Attack rules are in place to protect those with low reputation to avoid them being wiped out by players way above new players’ stats.  Your own reputation is listed at the upper left of the screen.

Coin: Coin is what is created by population that is not working. Coin is required for many things such as researches as training.  It can be used to purchase resources.  The amount of Coin your city creates is controlled by 1) the tax rate you subject your population to, 3) the amount of loyalty your population has and 2) the number of laborers you use in gathering resources.  The Loyalty/Tax window shows you the best tax rate to use for the population amount you have, although you can choose any rate from 0-50 you wish. The more you tax your population, the less population you will have, and vice versa.  When you lower your tax rate, you must Pacify your people to get them to return.  Only 10% can be pacified within a 30 minute period.

Building Your City: A good first city should include the following: Resource Depot, Research Center, Ordnance Factory, Military Academy, Basement, Command, Contact Center, 2nd Ordnance Factory (at about City Hall lvl 9), and every remaining spot should be a House. Your city should be in a constant state of building and/or upgrading.  Your additional city does not need a Research Center, as any Research Centers cannot be built in the sub-city.

Troops: There are several different types of troops for each force.  Each type has advantages and disadvantages when matched against other types. Most types have several Tiers, or levels, available to upgrade to. These upgrades are researched in the Tech Center. You can check the units in the Ordnance Factory.

Map: By clicking on the Map link, players can see the other players in the game, launch attacks, occupy resource spots, and many other features.  These are accessed by clicking on the desired coordinates. This will bring up the interface to your Command with those coordinates input and the most likely task associated with those coordinates already selected.  From here, a player selects which officer they want to lead a mission, and which troops the officer will command.  If a player choosing to occupy a resource spot, they choose the type of resource they want to apply a bonus to, the desired level of bonus, and click a spot that matches their criteria.  If the spot is occupied by another player, you will fight any troops that are stationed there.

Alliances: Alliances, also called Tribes, allow players to form together and attack other players in Joint Attacks.  These are performed by gathering troops in a Tribe member’s Space Fortress, allowing that player to control all the troops gathered there.  This also works to defend a base jointly.  Tribe members are allowed to benefit from upgrades provided by the Alliance, which is funded by donations from the Tribe members.  Tribe members can communicate with each other in the chat area without the general population seeing the communications.  They can also send email messages to the entire Alliance through SMS.  Tribe members can also see any attacks that involve other Tribe members in the War tab of the Chat box.

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