World War II was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, which involved most of the world's nations, including all of the great powers:eventually forming two opposing military alliances, the Allies and the Axis.

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Experience from Players

1)good units(lv I, II, and III)
if you wanna do this, focus researchs in the armors and weapons of only 1 unit(good for leveling your heros, bad for resourses)also its good paired with healing tech

units have different kind of attacks in a kind of rock, scisors, paper game its not like pokemon were you do 2x dmg but you can do 10% extra dmg for example with piercing dmg vs heavy armor will write more about units in the ordnance factory section.

2)resourse obtaining
thats what i did spec first(good for city grow rate, and if you wanna get tons of dead units while training you officers, because you have weak units) for this you would need to upgrade the logistics, founding and prospecting techs and if you want to expend some units exploration is also a good option.
and it would be best to get some decent units before training a hero

well your resources are 4
steel obtained from steel plant
supply obtained from supply depot
oil obtained from oil well
those 3 need population to can work to theirs max potential, you get popuation from houses(done in inside tab)
but, coin is obtained in a complicated way. compared to the other 3 resources

3)how to get coin?
you get coin based on your population, and how much of it is iddle for example you have 1000 population and only 500 are being used in the supply, steel and oil buildings, so you have 500 lazy units “creating” coin there is a loyalty/tax tab in the headquarter where you can go to adjust the taxes, those affect the energon you get affecting your population, you just have to keep the tax rate to the recomended rate, sometimes having to use the pacify button(can only be used every 30 mins) it just uses 100 coin to raise your loyalty, because loyalty ceilingit increases if you lower taxes, but loyalty can only be “bought” with this button(increases loyalty by 10%), if pacify wont be enough you get another button, incentive button, it will use an item named incentive, that will get loyalty to the max possible spending no coin, but one limited item.

4)doing tasks
(good for resourses, and items. bad for having strong units and a reliable resourse income, in early game)
this is basically doing the tasks that the game has, but doing all of them will make you suffer from no focus in an spec, somes are “do this kind of defenses” that need heavy armor and ammunition lv 9, then the next asks for lv 9 of medium armor and lv 9 of energy, that will make you loose some precious hours(more like days) of researching time

in the beggining you wont have much coin but dont worry, after some weeks you will have more than what you need

i started focusing in tasks, then i saw that i was getting low on resourses after the tasks started to be harder and changed to resourses and whenever i can i do army research but im growing too slow according to the tribe master ^^(tier 2 units in 3 months)

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