World War II was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, which involved most of the world's nations, including all of the great powers:eventually forming two opposing military alliances, the Allies and the Axis.

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Game Rules of WWII Rage

The rules listed here is a complement of usual game regulations. The players should obey the rules during playing this game. If the players have not read the rules and do something offending, we will give out punishment according to the situation. So we suggest that you look over the following regulations.
This rule applies to all the servers in WWII Rage.

1. Multi IDs
Each player can only have one account in each server. Multi accounts of the same player is forbidden and it will make your ID unavailable.
By the way, multiple players playing in a local area network is permitted, which will not identified as multi IDs.

2. ID Management
The name of character, base, alliance should not contain improper and insulting words.
All the IDs can only be used to enjoy the games. Making use of IDs to hinder the game is forbidden.

3. ID Protection
(1) The password shows the right to use the ID. A player shall not tell the password to any other players. If losses are casued in this case, we have no responsibility for the restore and the recover. Please remember The WWII Rage Team shall never ask you for the password at any time. If somebody claimed to be the official staff, and ask you for the password, please report to us as soon as possible.
(2) Please keep your password carefully. Losses from account being stolen, we will no compensation.

4. Trade Rules
It is not allowed to transfer resources to the others through selling high and buying low.

5. Attack Rules
It is not permitted to allow another player to loot the resources deliberately. In such a case, both of the two will be punished.
If the resources being looted is much more than its own consumption, the base will be defined as the farm for special use.

6. Game Bugs
We encourage the players to report the bugs in the game. We will give rewards for the bug quest. If somebody makes use of the bugs to gain illegal profit or conduct malicious actions, we will give strict punishiments.

7. Plugins and Scripts
The WWII Rage Team shall never publish any plugin and script. Arbitrarily modifying the game code and using the plugins&scripts are not allowed. The players shall player the game with the browser only. And illegally obtained accoutns shall not be applied.

8. Rumors Spreading
Spreading rumors via message system and the cha in the game is forbidden.

9. Rules of Players
(1)If a player has violated one of the regulations below, GM have the right to degrade, ban, or delete his/her account.
a) Publishing the content about politics, insulting, defamation, gender discrimination and national discrimination and so on.
b) Publishing any content about contempt and obscenity.
c) Publishing any content which is harmful to minors, or the content which is against with local law and regulations.
d) Violation of game rules or blackmail to others.
e) Releasing the battle report without permission in public.
f) Sending spam and insults messages.
g) Publishing other illegal content.
(2) The player’s information shall not contain the insulting words or statements.
(3) The player’s information shall not contain words derived from GM, admin, WWII Rage and other improper information.
(4) Advertising without permission is not allowed.

10. Punishment
If a player has violated one of the regulations above, GM has the right to punish according to situation. The punishment includes the below:
Remove the total or part of population;
Remove all the resources in the warehouse;
Degrade part of the bases;
Delete the base;
Delete all the units;
Disband the alliance;
Block the access to the game for 3 to 7 days
Delete the account;
IP ban.

11. Service suspend and alternation
When one of the below happens, we have the right to suspend the service:
When meet periodic maintenance or construction, hardware and software update, the service might be suspended. The WWII Rage Team shall complete the update and maintenance timely;
Sudden failure of hardware and software, and of electronic communications equipment;
The damage to the servers or the network in any form and the failure to function properly.
Network glitch, and other failure of the connection to the servers;
Natural disasters and other force majeure.

12. The adding, changing and interpretation of rules
The WWII Rage Team has the right of the interpretation of these rules. These rules come to the effect from June 29, 2009.

WWII Rage Team

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