World War II was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, which involved most of the world's nations, including all of the great powers:eventually forming two opposing military alliances, the Allies and the Axis.

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Big spcial event at WWII Rage

I:Free Daily Tasks

Duration: 6,20–6,22

During the event, the player is allowed to takes all the 8 daily tasks at no expense of golds

II:Triple  NPC Exp

Duration: 6,20–6,22

During the event, the officer engaged in the battles against Npc enjoys Triple Exp!

(More exp gain with The Art of War  applied)

III:60% Treasure Discount

Duration: 6,20–6,22

During the event, the items(except Military Orde ) under the column of TREASURE in the shop are on sale with a discount of 60% off!

IV:Golds Puchase Giveaway

Duration: 5,31–6,02

Big giveaway you can not miss!

During the event, besides default bonus for golds purchase,

Cumulatively purchase of                     Extra bonus for gold purchase
300   Gold                                    The Art of War *1
500   Gold                                    Junior Training(10,000)*1 + The Art Of War *1+  Senior Speed-up Order(B)*1
1000  Gold                                    Junior Training(10,000)*3 + The Art Of War *1+  Senior Speed-up Order(B)*1 + Radar Detector*1
3000  Gold                                    Medium Training(20,000)*3 + The Art Of War *3 + Senior Speed-up Order(B)*3 + Radar Detector*3
5000  Gold                                    Medium Training(20,000)*5 + The Art Of War *5 + Senior Speed-up Order(B)*5 + Radar Detector*5
10000 Gold                                    Senior Training(50,000)*3 + The Art Of War *8 + Senior Speed-up Order(B)*8 + Radar Detector*8
20000 Gold                                    Senior Training(50,000)*5 + The Art Of War *12 +Senior Speed-up Order(B)*12 +Radar Detector*12

Radar Detector:To obtain the detailed information of the target city in an instant.
Senior Speed-up:To reduce 1/2 time on the road when sending units.
Junior Training:To increase 1,000 Exp of the officer
Medium Training:To increase 2,000 Exp of the officer
Senior Training:To increase 5,000 Exp of the officer

1. One chance of the giveaway for each account.
2. The giveaway shall be sent within 3 business days after the event expires.

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