World War II was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, which involved most of the world's nations, including all of the great powers:eventually forming two opposing military alliances, the Allies and the Axis.

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Alliance War


There are six Resource Towers in the map of tribal war, and all the members of the tribes occupying the resource towers enjoy the bonus of output.


Tower          Bonus
Steel plus I      Steel output 55%
Steel plus II     Steel output 45%
Supply plus I    Supply output 50%
Supply plus II   Supply output 50%
Oil plus I        Oil output 50%
Oil plus II       Oil output 50%


Stage       Time
Bidding      0000 -2200 Saturday
Station      Saturday 2200 – Sunday 1200
War          1200 – 2100 Sunday
Settlement   2100 – 2400 Sunday
Occupation   Monday 0000 – Friday 2400


0000 -2200(Saturday)

During the bidding, the tribes are allowed to apply Military Order to bid for the position of defense of the tower.

Saturday 0000-2100: Optional bid, the final result is not sure.

Saturday 2100-2200: If nobody offers in ten minutes, the current tribe have the defense right.

Saturday 2200 – Sunday 1200

During the station, the tribes with the position of defense are allowed to dispatch troops to the towers to station, and maximum 8 troops for each tower.

1200 – 2100 Sunday

During the war, the tribes without the position of defence are allowed to launch attacks at any time, and each attack costs 50 Military Order.

For each hour, the troops of the tribes with the position of defence enhances with 10% both in attack and defence, and to 100% at 2200.

The tribes with the control of the towers are allowed to call the troops from the allies to support, however, if the tribes lose the control of the towers before the supporting troops from the allies arrive, the supporting troops will arrive but avoid the battle and return to the starting base.

The tribes holding the towers at 2200 win finally.

The units died in tribal war will be revived on Monday at a rate of 50% in default, and the tribal technology is able to increase the rate.

2100 – 2400 Sunday

Please be aware that from 2100 to 2200 the battles may occur as well, during this period, the tribes can not send more troops.
From 2200 to 2400, the players are allowed to call back units manually, and at 2400 the remaining units will be sent back automatically.

Monday 0000 – Friday 2400

During the occupation, all the members of the tribes holding the tower enjoy the bonus, however, the bonus for the same resource do not accumulate.

Bonus for the member =initial bonus x 40% + (the amount of Military Order the member donates/average amount) x initial bonus x 60%

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